WINX11 is the bellwether level of SUDHA NUMAC GAMES Private Limited. Through it we handle two different portals through which it offers cricket and other games based online fantasy games. Within the use of our website for our certainty is imposed to comply with them. unless otherwise stated by the organization we are not affiliated with or associated with the description of private or government sports tournaments. Any gambling, betting is not encouraged by us.

Usage of WINX11

Any user who uses our app for taking part in the different types of matches and games available to our platform cavort with the rules and regulations and also with given terms and conditions made by our services. These precept and other terms and conditions can be changed or updated by entitled us. If there is any change or modifications by entitled winx11 than user will be informed by sending email to the registered recipient mail address post notifications in the user account. There are the options provided in s an email or notification by which user cannot accept the upgraded. Terms and Conditions, rules, regulations, provided by winx11. If users do not use these options than the user will be deemed to receive all the terms and conditions to herein or given by us.

Some extra rules are also linked with this certain agreement which can be inconsistent that are set down, the additional conditions shall prevail.

WINX11 may, at its roots and absolute discretion:

  • User can be restricted and suspended or terminated if he/she access to all or any part of us.
  • Our service can be changed suspended or discontinued of any or all part of it.
  • Reject, move, or remove any material that may be submitted by a User.
  • Any account and information related to it can be deactivated or deleted
  • With the concern use of us establish general practices and limits
  • In the listing of players which are present and involved in a specific sport event can be added, revised or deleted.
  • We have a reason to believe that such User has Contravention with these Terms and Conditions, or our platform, we may, illegally or improperly at its solitary and absolute wariness, and without any notice to the User, suspend or restrict Users access to any part of ours Contests. deactivate or delete the account and all related information on the account, delete any content posted by the User on WINX11 and further, take technical and legal steps as it goes necessary.

Intellectual Property

Winx11 have a content created by a team. the intellectual property rights is in software of winx11 consisting games, Contests, software, advertisements, written content, photographs, graphics, image , illustrations, marks ,logos, audio or video clippings and Flash animation, is owned by WINX11, its partners ,licensors and/or associates. This content cannot be modified, transferred or use in any other way without taking written permission from winx11.This content cannot be modified transmitted, used, or for sale, creative descendent works or any way spin off this type of data on winx11 without taking the licence from winx11. Winx11 and its affiliates and the other data given above can be used for the following purposes by taking grant from sublicensable licence to use.

  • Showing Content on WINX11
  • Dispensing User Content, by electronically and via other media to the other users
  • Keeping user content, Content which is in a lonesome directory used by end users, have a charge.

At the end of each term users are agree to go out from their accounts for any loss or vandalization that may result if the user fails to comply with the needs will not be responsible by us.

Users agree not to use following things:

  • Any obscene, embarrassing, race related things are not to be occurred.
  • Files which have viruses, inattentive file which harm our services
  • To save personal information of other users
  • To draw illegal activities
  • Download material which harm our websites
  • To stop any other user from using any public area within our site.

Users may reach out to us through –

Helpdesk – if user have any query regarding match within 48 hours of winner declaration of contest.

One who below the age of 18 years from the states where fantasy apps are banned are not permitted to play on our place.