Privacy policy and security of personal information related to this service. Fun features provided by WINX11 are defined in this document. "We assume no liability or public standing and makes no claims thereon. Moreover, the WINX11 platform is not associated with any person or government. Cricket leagues/tournaments, unless otherwise specified by the organization that does not promote, endorse or encourage gambling or gambling. Shape". Read the WinX11 Privacy Statement. ("WINX11" or"WINX11.COM" or "US" or "WE" or "OUR") online platform of fantasy games and other entertainment features. WINX11 is an online platform that hosts numerous fantasy games based on it. Sports such as cricket and football on the mobile application or website "”; We COLLECTS DATA FROM USERS (“YOU” OR “YOUR”) WHO PARTICIPATE OR INTERACT WITH IT website, partner website or mobile application ("WINX11" or “Portal"). Users who participate in contests or fantasy games hosted by the Portal; Please understand that you are bound by the WINX11 Privacy Policy.

User privacy is paramount and WINX11 is committed to protecting it. User data in all aspects. While providing a platform for fantasy games, we collect data from users to provide comprehensive and immersive services experience. Data may be

  • registered as a user, as necessary information
  • or data obtained as a result of your online activities; or Navigate WINX11 websites or mobile applications. However, the use of information USER DATA IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. While making every effort to WARRANTING THAT ANY INFORMATION OR DATA PROVIDED ON THIS WEBSITE IS ACCURATE AND CURRENT are intended as basic information. WINX11 does not guarantee their correctness and properties. User must read and use at their own discretion and judgment Please understand WINX11's privacy policy before submitting your personal information Understand the use and management of data collected by the portal. User By navigating any part you automatically consent to the collection and use of your data website or mobile application. Users who do not consent to privacy Policies & Conditions & WINX 11 conditions when you stop using the portal by navigating or using any section of the Portal, you agree to our Privacy Policy Handling and management of personal information of users. It conforms to the privacy policy of WINX11. For users who do not wish to disclose certain information or withdraw your consent to data collection, certain aspects of the Portal or services; It may not be available and WINX11 reserves the right to make it unavailable to you Service Collection and data requirements. They are necessary for the user to enjoy or use all products and services of WINX11. To register and provide certain background of personal information Can be used to characterize each user. The registration process includes certain personal information.

Information shared such as:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • phone number
  • Permanent account number
  • Location/ Address

Collected information is shared by users by voluntarily sharing their data during the registration process or by navigating the website or portal. WINX11 may also collect, use and disclose information with its partners or affiliates. Users participating in fantasy games Join with friends and other users (invited users) Various entertainment functions provided by WINX11. A user can extend this invitation in the following ways: Please enter a valid email address or her Facebook username. By providing this data, you agree that the Portal collects and uses data to invited users, accepted and when the invited user navigates or joins. You consent to this in any fantasy game or entertainment feature of the Portal. USE, COLLECTION, DISCLOSURE OF, AND BOUND BY, PERSONAL INFORMATION WINX11 Privacy Policy. WINX11 COLLECTS INFORMATION SPECIFIC TO FANTASY GAMES OR ENTERTAINMENT features the user participates in or wants to participate in. Information Collected used for that service, but is not limited to that particular service or entertainment feature. This is done to provide users a fantasy game experience. In addition, to ensure legal procedures and security and for the security of the portal, Winx11 may share user information with a third-party related company. This analyzes the data Confirm with the provided information to prevent and ensure Winx11 security. Enrollment and information statements, Winx11 are always working hard to provide users with the best experience. This association and sharing Data are created for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Data analysis
  • Improving service quality
  • Marketing purposes
  • To identify individuals
  • for legal purposes
  • To prevent fraud and illegal activity

WINX11 also notifies the user or individual in the circumstances in which it is intended to be used. Other reasons, Users have the option to withhold or withdraw them than stated in the WINX11, the Information is shared with partners and affiliates will be protected and used only for those purposes that are meant to be used. Registering, navigating or participating in services provided by WINX11; You expressly consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of the foregoing information with partners and affiliates; Same privacy policy as WINX11. If WINX11 is sold, or if certain aspects of its business assets are sold; or once transferred, consumer data may be among the assets shared or disclosed. A user consent to her WINX11 disclosure or transfer of such data. WINX11 also reserves the right of disclosure in circumstances requiring legal scope. For information to government agencies or required legal process; or Measures to protect the rights and security of WINX11. Profiling and cookies in order to continuously improve and provide a rich user interface, WINX11 uses "cookies" and other electronic tools designed to collect. Assign information and unique identifiers about user activity on the website a number that helps identify a specific user. WINX11 is either on that particular computer or device. WINX11 cannot identify a user by simply assigning a cookie. Extract information from your personal drive or hard drive. Any Personal data collected by cookies will only be used if provided or shared by the user WINX11. Advertisers or marketers associated with WINX11 have their own set her cookies in the user's browser when the user interacts with an advertising banner or otherwise Marketing tools, this process, and data collection are not monitored by WINX11. When a user visits her website or portal; The information collected is Information about your computer or its broadband or internet connection IP address. Identifying a user's IP address is not meant to identify an individual User. This means of personalizing the portal according to the user's interests Providing on-demand service that measures portal traffic during uploads. The website upon request and provide the user's geographic location for assistance Advertisers who serve ads and understand their target audience. WINX11 may also promote or host direct clickable links or banners to her other websites his portal. Such sites have their own terms of use, through individual privacy policies not controlled by WINX11.When a user clicks a link or banner to go to her other website, the user: transferred to the server of the website or page in question. WINX11 does not control them Servers you migrate to her website, and their collection or use Data from these servers is subject to the control and monitoring of the host's privacy policy website. WINX11 is not responsible for your privacy practices. Content provided by such website’s updates to personal data, storage and security measures: For security reasons, the collected data is stored on our servers. It is protected by a firewall and for added security such servers are also password protected. Even after implementing effective and strong security measures, the security system is impenetrable. WINX11 cannot guarantee no information It cannot be intercepted or leaked and can even guarantee the security of your database. Users who volunteer information in posts, chats, or discussion areas. Also, anyone with internet access can become a target for data theft. By dealing with Portal, User also consents to the transfer and use of data in countries other than India.

Due to the progress and ever-evolving nature of the Internet, WINX11 Periodically review and update the Privacy Policy to reflect certain changes may be recommended without notice. However, any use Collected data complies with the policy at the time of collection. Any changes or updates to our Privacy Policy will be included on this page to notify you. To keep you informed about the information we collect, store, use and use disclosed. Quantify the value of advertising and provide personalized service to its users. In our experience, WINX11 may share or disclose certain information with advertisers. To provide content or features that are advantageous or beneficial to particular users; WINX11 or its affiliates may contact registered users from time to time to obtain the basic version. Understanding their preferences. Users are also advised to exercise caution when replying to emails, blogs or emails. A mailer claiming to be from WINX11. In the aforementioned email, WINX11 branding, logos, and other information that users may be asked to provide Username, password and other details (indicating that the user has won a free gift) Prizes/gifts or other bonuses. This may be done to commit fraudulent or illegal activities Users should check the source of such emails as it may harm them before disclosing information. WINX11 assumes no responsibility. Any damage caused to the user by such fraudulent activity; your Security and Protection does not apply to such emails, websites, or blog. WINX11 will only use information provided by you to contact you Features and services that are beneficial to you or if they are on your list Environmental setting. To notify you about entertainment features, etc. Fantasy Games, WINX11 may contact you through the data you provide Email and mobile number.

Terms of service:

WINX11 does not allow this portal, its server, or e-mail to Anything shipped from the United States or on our behalf is virus free. No Winx 11 Liability for damages of any kind arising from this use portal, compensatory, direct, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES; loss of data, goodwill, business opportunities, income or profits; LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY AND THIRD-PARTY CLAIMS. No Event, WINX11 shall be not held responsible for any damages. WINX 11 gives you the choice to keep or keep your data and personal information Please use the data until the respective purpose for which you store this data has been achieved. maybe we too Retain or withhold your personal information when required by law or contract for obligatory or legitimate business purposes. in legal disputes, WINX11 may retain, use or disclose information as appropriate.

Applicable Laws and Complaint Procedures:

WINX11 complies with the laws of the Republic of India and all users who operate it the Website and Portal also consent to the laws of the Republic of India. We govern this Privacy Policy in connection with conflicts of law and principle. if you have some trouble Disputes arise and are all subject to dispute resolution and resolved.

The process described in the WINX11 Terms of Use.

If a user feels that their privacy has been violated, they can contact the portal by email for consideration. Complaints will be confirmed with an appropriate resolution and sent to the recipient.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our service. The user can cancel her Winx11 account and request a refund of the funds in her wallet. For withdrawal requests from unused accounts, a 5% fee will be charged depending on the unused account.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Conditions:

To remove it, the user has to send an email to her Our team will take the necessary steps in this regard and cancel your booking. It will also refund any available money in your wallet. Refund Policy Refunds will only be issued for game wins that are abandoned or abandoned (no result). The refunded amount will appear in your wallet within 2 business days.