Playing Fantasy Cricket with Winx11 is easy and straightforward. We understand how passionate cricket fans can get, and we want to keep them engaged by giving them the opportunity to be squad owners on our fantasy platform. All you need is your cricket knowledge and good judgment to build your Winx11 squad within a budget of 100 Cr. Your squad earns points based on the performance of the players you selected in real-life matches. So choose your players wisely!

How to play fantasy Cricket on Winx11?

The game's structure is straightforward; all you need is basic knowledge of Cricket and the player's performances. Playing on Winx11 is quite interesting, and we have covered everything in the comprehensive guide

Any forthcoming contest may be used to choose a match. Various competitions, including ODIs, Test series, and T20 matches, are contested at both the national and international levels throughout the year.

At any given time, you can take part in various of matches.

You can easily create your squad by picking out 11 players from all 4 categories within a budget of 100 Cr. where each player holds a certain value to his name. You must choose the following amount of players to make up a full squad:

  1. Wicket-keeper
  2. Batsmen
  3. Bowlers
  4. Players of any role

The players you can afford within your budget are the other consideration you need to make. Picking players can be a little tricky task. However, with your understanding of cricket, your managerial skills, and your players' performance, you can surely have a fantastic squad!

Once you have picked the players for your Winx11squad, now’s the time to pick a Captain and Vice-Captain.

  • Your Captain gets twice the points scored by him in the real game.
  • Similarly, your Vice-Captain gets 1.5x points scored by him in the real game.

The chances of your win largely depend on how you pick the players in your squad. And to give your more chances of a win, Winx11 lets you create up to 4 squads per match, any of which can be chosen by you to join a battle. All you need to do is simply click on ‘Create Squad’ to create another one.

Join any free or cash league on Winx11 to get a victorious experience, win cash and show the world that you are a great player.

While you watch the actual game, keep an eye on your fantasy scorecard, which is updated every two minutes.

Your chances of victory are pretty much predetermined by the players you choose for your squad. Additionally, we are aware of how crucial it is for you to have access to all the information you require to make player selections. To help you choose the best players, we have introduced the 'Update' section next to the 'Create Squad' section. It provides you with real-time updates on your players, statistics, and current matches.

One more thing Winx11 enables you to do is the opportunity to change your team just one ball before the game begins! This allows you plenty of time to select the people you want to have on your team and play aggressively.