Withdrawals will be processed from the cash free or Paytm. There is instant withdrawal. Users have the opportunity to claim their funds in a little as 48 hrs. You find yourself managed to win money.

Here, users can feel a stress and fear-free environment, build confidence in the game, and have the opportunity to master the game.

Admin can define price, referrals and maximum cap for users at the top of the lead.

This is a function that allows you to track the tour results of private tournaments shared by group members. User can view the referral and fantasy point ranking on the leader board under more selection.

The emphasize permit users to pick up coins within the app. Once coin are packs, they are accessible, user can pick up coins to share in contests and accomplish various exertion within the coins. It’s like having another currency in a system that increases the flow of funds on the platform.

Now users of the website can create their own contests and invite their friends and family to play with them. This way they will be sure that they are playing with a known person who matches their same skills as theirs. They can create free or paid contests and if they create paid contests they can also earn extra money by doing so.

Users can learn more about stock trading with their favorite stock fantasy games. We have three types of stocks.

Stock Equity -: where users can buy/sell stocks according to the available portfolio.

Stock Fantasy -: where users can buy/sell as per the stock size.

Stock Prediction -: where user needs to make a prediction on stocks as per the candle.

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This feature provides user full support that can help them to get answers for their questions as soon as possible. We offer best services to all our users through our 24/7 services. We fulfill all the needs of our clients that help them to solve their problem very easily.

A user – friendly interface help user to easily understand and operate through the application in an easy way. It gives an ideal user experience by user get positive emotion it. It should be simple for well executive effective interaction between the user and the app.